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  • Ex-Kirkland, Wilkinson Walsh Partner Calls It Quits to Escape Stress and Just 'Go Home'
    Brant Bishop, 50, stepped back from his high-stakes litigation career this month to embrace more time with his family. "For now the plan is to not really have much of a plan," he said.
           'Too Risky': National Court Reporters Association Pushes Back Against Digital Reporting
    The NCRA alleges that a lack of certification and the possibility for altered audio makes digital court reporting "dangerous," but proponents argue there is little difference between digital and in-person court reporting.
  • In Kobe Bryant Crash, Could a Lawsuit Be Coming?
    Former U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Mary Schiavo, a partner at Motley Rice, said that lawyers would be looking at multiple facts, including the conversation between the air traffic control and the pilot just before Sunday's crash, which killed the LA Lakers star and eight others. "Those next sentences could be billion dollar words," Shiavo said.
  • 2 Pierce Bainbridge Partners Depart for Armstrong Teasdale
    Pierce Bainbridge will likely keep its representation of Rudy Giuliani, despite partner exits of Eric Creizman and Melissa Madrigal.
  • 'A Tidal Wave of Change': Plaintiffs Firms Are Tapping Data Analytics, but Some Are Still Reluctant
    The plaintiffs bar has started getting into the Big Data game as well, although so far, the emphasis has been on case management.
  • Welcome to Kickham Hanley


    Kickham Hanley PLLC is a “boutique” law firm based in Royal Oak, Michigan specializing in complex commercial litigation, business and real estate transactions, and real estate tax appeals. At Kickham Hanley, we offer the credentials, experience and resources of a large firm with the efficiency and flexibility of a small firm.  We are lean, nimble, and responsive, with plenty of horsepower.  We handle deals and litigate cases all over the country.

    Prior to the establishment of Kickham Hanley in 1999, our principals were partners at a large corporate firm.  They have stellar academic credentials, extensive experience, and are fully capable of effectively handling the most complex of matters within their specialty areas.  We are not ruled by committees, and possess an entrepreneurial spirit that translates into a willingness and ability to craft attorney-client relationships that better suit our clients’ needs and make economic sense.  We believe that the following attributes set us apart from many other law firms:

    No Entourages – We don’t show up at every meeting or deposition with three lawyers in tow.  In our experience, the added value, if any, of each additional lawyer very rarely justifies the additional cost.  While obviously there are circumstances where the complexity of a matter requires the involvement of multiple attorneys, we don’t believe clients should be paying hundreds of dollars per hour to have junior lawyers carry a partner’s briefcase.  We devote the resources necessary to zealously represent each client’s interests, but we don’t engage in overkill.

    No “Handoffs” – At many firms, once you become a client, your case or transaction is handed off to another, often less experienced or competent, lawyer.  Often, the attorney you retained merely monitors the matter and the only meaningful contact you have with the attorney you retained is the monthly bill he signs and sends you.  When you hire Kickham Hanley to handle your transaction or case, the attorney you hire stays principally and substantively involved from beginning to end.

    No Conflicts – Because of our size, we simply do not experience the type of recurring conflicts-of-interest that plague large firms and frustrate their clients.  We typically don’t represent large institutional clients like banks or insurance companies, and therefore have a freedom of action not likely to be shared by many of the monolithic firms with which we compete for business.

    We’re Doing Our Best To Contribute To The Death Of The Billable Hour -- Most lawyers measure the value of their services merely by adding up the number of hours they devote to your legal problem.  We think differently, and believe that, when it comes to fee arrangements, one size definitely does not fit all. While some matters, because of their nature, can only be handled on an hourly basis, we strive in all instances to work with our clients to structure the financial aspects of our attorney-client relationship to best suit their particular needs and ability to pay.  For example, we often handle litigation on a purely contingent-fee basis or by agreeing to charge a lower hourly rate with a “kicker” in the event of a successful outcome.  In connection with our transactional work, it is not unusual for us to take an equity interest in deals partially or totally in lieu of fees.  We don’t just say “yes, you have a good case.  Now start paying us $400 per hour.”  Very few firms with the skills of KH have the ability or willingness to make such creative fee arrangements.